Carmelita Vasquez

We, my son and I had an amazing experience at this office the secretary was amazing and the Dr. was super patient, kind, understanding and knowledgeable she took her time in letting the Anastasia kick in trust me my son absolutely appreciate it and your kind words and humor we googled all the podiatrists in our surroundings and this one was the best if you are like me and looking for a safe clean experienced facility, this is it! this office will be forever the place I will take my children /family I was absolutely impressed.

Sincerely Maria Vasquez

Christie Paguio

Dr. Nguyen is amazinnnggg! She made me feel comfortable and the experience was smooth. Thank you Dr. Nguyen!

Craig Jindra

Doctor T. is the best.


My favorite Dr. is tho, she is the best Dr. in podiatry I've had....

Terri Parker

Best office ever! I would give 10 stars if I could.

Jeff Blake

I have been going to Podiatry Services for the last four years. In that time I have interacted with all of the doctors and office staff. At times the office does get pretty busy, however every interaction and experience has been professional and courteous. I have never felt rushed when seeing the doctor. They take their time and answer every question I have asked. They have also assisted with any paperwork or insurance issues that arise. If you are looking for a podiatrist I would, and have, recommended them.

Michelle Zimel

Podiatry Services is a great appointments are always on time, the office staff is friendly and you can communicate with them via prompt text messages.

Louie Linares

Such a pleasure visiting this office. Very friendly and accommodating. Efficiently run with minimal wait time. Dr. Shin was excellent in his service and pleasantly down to earth in conversation.

David Landriscina

Christiane J. Transfiguration, DPH; performed surgery on my R-foot to remove an infection-all clear after 4 weeks-very professional and highly recommended.

Linda Bey

I just love this place 💕

Everyone there is very kind!

Dr. Transfiguration is the Dr I see when I'm there and I think she's the best!!! I started going there about a year ago because the bottom of my feet 🐾 had bad calluses on them 😔 and they were very painful 😖 But Dr. Transfiguration explained exactly what she was going to do to help me. And wow did she help me tremendously. I go every 2 months and she scrapes my calluses down so they don't hurt until they grow back. Then by that time it's time for my next appointment.

Plus I was having trouble with my hips and knees. So she fitted me for some custom insoles for my shoes and I'll tell you what They are A God Send too me. I walk better... Feel better... It's just amazing ☺️

So I totally recommend this place. Until next time!!!


Linda Bey...

Andrew Navarrete

I haven't been in yet. no one has answered the phone, so i can make an appointment. Going in to the office to see if I can get some help. Until then, this is my rating.


I saw the doctor, and she fixed my toe. In and out, it was fast. I am so happy to be done with this ingrown toenail. I up'd the rating. I am so happy to have a place for any foot/toe problems.

Cindy Sanchez

This office and specifically Dr. Transfiguración were absolutely amazing. My boyfriend stepped on a piece of broken mirror over a month ago and after 2 ER visits who would not touch it and the usual insurance/referral run around we were originally referred to a different podiatrist. There office was very rude and took forever to get him in for an appt. Someone told us to try this office instead and our experience was nothing short of amazing. Within about a week he finally had the glass removed. They got him in very quickly, requested a referral which came the next day and brought him back quickly. They were professional, caring, and according to my boyfriend - Dr. Transfiguración kicked a**. I would highly recommend this office for anyones podiatry needs. Thank you!

Lori Rabago

Dr. Transfiguration is an amazingly skilled professional and I would recommend her team to anyone who needs podiatry service! Thank you.

Ryan McKinney

Dr. Transfiguracion is great. I’m very glad that she was the one that did my surgery.

Isaiah Amantine

I had bunionectomy from Dr. T. on both my left and right foot. She was very thorough with the explanation of the the procedure as well as providing good feedback during my post op appointments. Definitely recommend if you are in need of bunionectomy surgery!

Patricia Escoto

She is the best!!! I Really recomend Her!!! She is good and Quick doing her job! This is my second time that I get surgery with Christianne and I am so happy!!! 🙏💕😊.

Ginny Aronson-Hoke

Two surgeries, excellent results!!

Susan Kraus

Dr. Nguyen was a excellent doctor, I was there in March for a diabetic check, she was very caring, she listened to what I had to say. I would highly recommend her and I'll be back if I have any other foot issues she explained everything and answered all my questions.

Mike Kraus

Dr. Shin is a fantastic doctor, he is very caring and really knows his business, I am so blessed to have him for my podiatrist and I highly recommend him.

Ahhits Robert

Dr. Shin, was professional and explained everything needed to move forward. Also provided me products that will help with my issue.

Nile Martin

I desperately needed these services to a point that terrible service would’ve got 3 stars. This was a 5 star performance from receptionist to wait to doctor performance. Top tier service I would highly recommend.

Cecilia Punzalan

Brought my mother in law for a re-check. Very nice.

Richard Gutierrez

Very good experience! Dr. Nguyen was great, she explained things and answered all my questions as well as listening to any concerns.

Tony Edwards

I Was Very Pleased With Dr.Winn And Her Care And Her Instructions For My Feet. I Feel Confident When I Visit With Her. She Really Knows What's Best For My Feet. Thank You Dr. Winn And Please Continue Your Professional Experience And Courtesy To Others. G.B.

Jose Martinez

The staff and Dr. Nguyen were amazing! Ingrown toe nail procedure went flawlessly.

Nancy Hammett

Dr. Transformacion is an excellent podiatrist. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. It has been almost 2 months since my foot surgery and I’m walking and healing up pretty well! Thank you!

Tony Edwards

I Was Very Pleased With Dr.Winn And Her Care And Her Instructions For My Feet. I Feel Confident When I Visit With Her. She Really Knows What's Best For My Feet. Thank You Dr Winn And Please Continue Your Professional Experience And Courtesy To Others. G.B.

Douglas Wolf

I have been a patient of Podiatry Services for two years. The treatment that I have received from three different doctors on the staff has been nothing short of superb. I have had numerous surgeries at Podiatry Services and the outcome of each has been exceptional. Each employee on the staff is very pleasant, knowledgeable and displays absolute professionalism.

Tony Edwards

I was very pleased with Dr. Winn and her care and her instructions for my feet. I feel confident when I visit with her. She really knows what's best for my feet. Thank you Dr. Winn and please continue your professional experience and courtesy to others.

Delroy Tony

Dr Transfiguracion and Staff are the best! Clean facilities friendly and always welcoming to an already stressful situation!

Kathy Pulizzi

The office staff is very friendly and prompt!
I’ve been seeing Dr. Shin for about a year. I was very impressed with him on my first visit! He spent as much time as I needed with a very clear understanding of my foot issue. We started treatment with a conservative approach, which I was happy about. However, after several attempts it lead into surgery. Dr. Shin was and still is outstanding with his knowledge, compassion and concern for his patients well-being. Dr. Shin is an outstanding physician.

Adam Cuellar

Dr. Transfiguration and there staff are wonderful on how they treat the patients from the front desk to the Doctor visit. They have a great attention to detail and give you great Info on how to properly treat your foot pain. I have been a patient for over 8 years and would highly recommend this office and Dr. Transfiguration.

April Grace

This is the best podiatry office in Cali. I've been there twice and the attention of the staff was amazing. Also Dr. Shin is the best, he speaks a little bit of spanish and he is so charismatic and professional. I went there for an ingrown toenail surgery and everything went perfect! Thanks to Crystal, she is so proactive, friendly and helpful!

Michael Klepack

Dr. Shin is the best! The office visits both before and after my foot surgery were an informative and pleasurable experience. I am happy to have healed so well and am enjoying increased activity.

Donna Schwab

Dr. Transfiguration is amazing! I have been a patient for 7 years! Her kindness and compassion is above and beyond! The office staff is wonderful. Regi, Crystal and Stacey have been the best! Thank you! Thank you for making me feel so much better!

Becky Guzman

This was my second visit! Dr. Nguyen is amazing. She is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and answers my questions. She has helped me when other doctors couldn't. The staff is very polite and helpful. I recommended Dr. Nguyen to family and friends. Thank you.

Naomi Alexander

100% satisfied with Podiatry Services located in Murrieta, CA. Dr. Transfiguracion performed Bunionectomy surgery on both my left and right feet. I was back in tennis shoes 4-6 weeks after each surgery and have full flexion and mobility in both feet which had been limited prior to surgery. My left foot surgery was in 2019 and my right foot was just recently done November 2021. My scars are hardly visible and most importantly, I’ve regained my quality of life and returned back to all of my activities such as dancing, paddle boarding, hiking, speed walking, and can wear all of my shoes without pain. I’m forever thankful to Dr. Transfiguration. Her pre/post op care is exceptional and I would highly recommended Podiatry Services to my family, friends and anyone else requiring their services.

Eric Jardon

As usual Dr. Transfiguration did a thorough and professional job on my foot. She never keeps me waiting. Office staff is great too.

Rikki Grisso

Dr. Transfiguration was amazing and did great work! She was very helpful through the whole process and the office staff are very friendly and welcoming! Would highly recommend!

Alicia Jones

My feet are so happy now. Great girls in the front office. Dr. Transfiguration was an awesome surgeon and very patient with my husband and his million

Gary Ogden

My recent visit was with Dr. Nguyen and she was very polite and easy to talk to. They were very accommodating to my work schedule and Dr. Nguyen did the procedure perfectly. I truly appreciate it.

Dennis Beltrame

Always No. 1, always to my total satisfaction, and am able to walk with no foot problems at age 84, and even participate in Zumba classes. My highest recommendation.

Maggie Varela

I love Dr. Christopher he’s a great doctor And the girls in the office are wonderful so thank you podiatry I would refer your office to anyone.

Bill Balles

I have been going to the Podiatry services for over 2 years never had a problem they've always done a really nice job trimming my toenails. I'm a quadriplegic in my toenails need to be trimmed every two months and they do an excellent job.

Alona Riefer

I had a bunion removed back in 2016 and now again on my other foot by Dr. Transfiguracion. She has been fantastic. The surgery went very smoothly and her after care is second to none. She is very caring and patient. I highly recommend her for your needs. She has my full trust and support.

Karla Gonzalez

This is Laura G. My bunion surgery performed by Dr. Transfiguracion was a total success! She was professional and caring throughout the process. Looking forward to having my other foot done by Dr. Transfiguracion again.

Alicia Jones

After 20 years of pain, my feet are fantasticlly happy now ☺️. Dr Transfiguration was great . The office ladies were kind and I never had to wait for my appointments.

B.C. Mitchell

Doc T is one of the best... couldn't do without her!

Sara Sjostrom

Everyone is very friendly and professional. I had my surgery And everything went on smoothly. Doctor T has the nothing shy of amazing.

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